Semi Precious Stone Jewelry

Leisure activity Artworks

Other than the various expert items, Punto Accessori additionally makes it workable for haberdasher’s and artworks sweethearts to make adornments all alone. Truth be told, in excess of 700 things are accessible in advantageous pockets bearing our logo and containing limited quantities. Give free rule to your creative mind and make your very own adornments embellishment. You can pick simply the best parts and metal discoveries for adornments or hotshot your own ethnic gems manifestations which are the fury. The materials that can be involved reach from the exemplary metal parts for gems to glass, from shell to wood, from semi-valuable stones to bone.

You can choose whether to make exemplary dot gems or make adornments like none that has at any point been seen, maybe in mother-of-pearl. On the site you will find all that you want, you just add your creative mind. Besides, assuming you get your companions included, you could put orders for sums that let you capitalize on the benefits Punto Accessori offers: look at the table of limits!!

For the people who wish to set up an extraordinary region for these items in their haberdashery shop, reach us for vertical presentation cases for the pockets or table represents the spools of chain. So the thing would you say you are sitting tight for? Making your own gems extras has never been this simple.


In any creation area, having the right apparatuses is fundamental to accomplishing the best outcomes. Punto Accessori has chosen the best pastes, delivered by the best producers, to offer you hands down the best. ForĀ sticking any sort of texture we suggest Buffalo Material; for sticking anything more, whether it be adornments for cowhide products, shoes or whatever else, you can rely on Uhu In addition to.


A key metal finding for gems, the setting is the base used to stir up the embellishment. They come in metal and zamak, regardless of prongs, and reach from the old style to the most lavish shapes. They are very valuable in delivering embellishments for shoes, calfskin products or apparel. Settings are a vital component for gems making.


The gems making chain is a harmony between stylish excellence, handling method and creation quality. The expansive area for such things goes from the littlest chains, wires and connections to work sheets, from metal to steel or aluminum, with dots or with strass. They come in such countless shapes that a few chains, fit with a typical neckband fasten, can undoubtedly turn into a straightforward, popular belt or a total gems frill.

METAL Discoveries

Perhaps of the biggest segment on the whole site, metal discoveries for adornments making are major parts for making gems and substantially more. The various areas range from the lynchpins of the exchange, for example, stud wires and support, accessory catches and end pieces, pins, key chains, poles, wires and filigree; all in all the structure blocks of gems making materials. If you have any desire to make any frill for shoes, dress or calfskin products as a rule, this is your beginning stage.