Bill of Lading – Custom Reporting for Microsoft Great Plains – Overview for Consultant

Bill of Replenishing is required report for Planned operations and Cargo Sending organizations. On the off chance that you are seeing Cargo Sending programming, focused on to mechanize transportation business – Bill of Filling with various custom structures ought to be available there. Anyway assuming you really want the expansion to standard ERP/Bookkeeping application – you might be taking a gander at the choice to redo the framework. Microsoft Business Arrangements Incredible Fields may be considered as ERP stage, prepared for customization. Allow us to give you customization features.

o Deals Request Handling – SOP is the module, where you make client request, move it into receipt upon the fruition, satisfaction or assignment. In this way, normally Bill of Replenishing ought to be started in SOP. Additionally pleasant component in SOP is multicurrency (Dollar, Euro, Yen, Yuan, Peso) support, so Bill of Filling report could be created for global shipment

o MBL/HBL – House Bill of Replenishing may incorporate a few Expert Bill of Ladings, related with the shipment to explicit client. Microsoft Incredible Fields normally partner receipt with single client, therefore House Bill of Replenishing ought to be light Extraordinary Fields Adroitness customization, where you consolidate a few shipments into one holder (HBL). Worked on arrangement is simply to utilize client characterized fields for HBL and MBL.

o Freight/Shipment Request – you could likewise haveĀ to see the benefit/misfortune on the shipment/HBL. This window ought to incorporate all AR and AP solicitations related with HBL with drill down to unique reports usefulness. This perhaps finished as Mastery, C#/VB.Net application, distributing SOP tables (SOP30200, SOP30300), or simply a report

o Advances. Microsoft Extraordinary Fields Skill is customizing language and advancement climate of Incredible Fields. Extraordinary Fields Programming has Extraordinary Fields Elements/Elements C/S+/eEnterprise and as of now Microsoft Extraordinary Fields lines of items created in Incredible Fields Finesse. ReportWriter – this device will permit you change existing Picking Ticket, Pressing Rundown or Receipt structure to deliver Bill of Replenishing. ReportWriter has a few limitations: to put fields from your custom tables or from outsider modules on ReportWriter report you want light Skill customization (rw_* capabilities). VBA/Modifier will permit you to adjust Extraordinary Fields shapes and connect VBA contents to buttons. Gem Reports – with Gem Reports Fashioner you could create the report of maximal intricacy, including the report pulling data from heterogeneous data sets (as though piece of your Bill of Filling data dwells in Prophet, DB2 custom data set).

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